Home Inspections aren’t just for buyers anymore! In the last several years we have seen a dramatic increase in the number of inspections performed for the seller rather than the buyer in the form of a “pre-listing” or Seller’s Inspection

Why inspect before you sell?

Before putting your house on the market, a consultation with a professional home inspector can yield significant benefits that helps you to:

  • reduce lost sales
  • increase the asking and/or final sales price
  • reduce time on the market for the listing
  • stop unreasonable requests of buyers
  • disclose the information rather than repair or replace
  • ensure proper disclosure and preventing post-closing litigation
  • avoid costly delays and hidden surprises
  • build trust with potential buyers by disclosing the report

Sellers’ inspections are beneficial for both the buyer and the seller. The electronic report is a comprehensive analysis of over 400 items in the home, and includes photos and technical illustrations to ensure clarity on all issues. There are also marketing materials available to further help with the sale of the home and provide a more aesthetically pleasing breakdown of the property to potential buyers.

Our full service office staff is trained to assist you with any special requests or consultative services you may need.