Termite Inspections (WDI)

Termites cause Texans hundreds of millions of dollars each year. As one of your biggest investments, protecting your home from wood destroying insects should be one of your highest priorities. 

What is a W.D.I. (Wood Destroying Insect) Report?

As a protective measure, banks and lending institutions require that homes be inspected for damage from termites or other wood-destroying insects before closing the sale of the home. A Wood-Destroying Insect inspection report (WDI) is a state form prepared by a licensed technician/certified applicator under the Texas Department of Agriculture that informs the lending institution and potential buyer about the presence of insect (wood eating only) infestation (both past & present) or signs of applied treatment (both past & present), as well as areas of concern that could lead to pest problems if not corrected.

Remember! Termites & other wood eating insects can be a home’s worst enemy. They eat at the foundation of your home and are usually hard to see. Once discovering the problem, it can potentially be thousands of dollars in damage if too much time has lapsed. Inspection & Prevention is the best offense against these notorious pests.